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Monday, August 1st at 7:30 PM
Monthly meeting of the Illinois Mycological Association:
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi with Ben Morgan
at the Niles Historical & Cultural Center, Niles, Illinois

What is happening this month?

Summer is here. The chanterelles have started. The boletes and other mushrooms can be found in the woods. Read up about mushrooms and check out various Resources and Books.

Get a Checklist of the most common fungi. Add to our knowledge of what mushrooms can be found in the region.

Mushroom Videos

Image of sample web page.

Mushroom Description Pages

Building pages for the 1200 different kinds of macro-fungi in the Chicago area. These are the first species pages. There are also higher level pages from Kingdom down to genus. For example: Cantharellus, Hypocrea, Stereum, and Trametes. See Updates.

Highlights from other websites

Mycologists from USA and Canada are proposing fungi for the Global Fungal Red List. See the mushrooms from the April Workshop.

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Presentations in 2016 by Patrick

Presentations in 2015 by Patrick

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