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You Can Support Mycology

Support Patrick Funding Campaign.

GoFundMe: Help Patrick and mushroom research

Donations and project funding are greatly appreciated. I am currently self-employed with teaching, short-term collections work, and seasonal contracted mushroom surveys. My research and work on the Chicago Region mycobiota is largely unfunded and voluntary.

PayPal: Donations can be made via PayPal, using my e-mail:

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Website. Some example donation amounts are below. What content would you like to see added? Send me an e-mail to specify the content you are supporting. Donations are anonymous unless you want a web page dedicated to a person or your name listed as a contributor.

  • $300 : Species Page of your choice. These take one or two days to produce. I ask that it be a species recorded for the Chicago Region and in need of a species page, meaning it does not have a page at Michael Kuo's or Gary Emberger's Fungi Growing on Wood.
  • $150 : Genus, Family, Order, Class, or clade page.
  • $50 : Glossary entry with illustration.
  • $20 : Glossary entry.

Benefactors are desired in support of current research and collections projects.

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