Genus Trametes Fr.

Corpus Florarum provincialium suecicae I. Floram Scanicam: 339 (1835)

Type species: Boletus suaveolens L., Species Plantarum: 1177 (1753)

For Trametes I follow the broader concept for the genus (Justo and Hibbett 2011, Carlson et al. 2014). This moves species back into Trametes that were segregated out into various genera, which are indicated after the species names below. We have 10 species in the Chicago Region and the northern Midwest.

  1. Trametes aesculi (Polyporus aesculi Fr. 1828).
  2. Trametes betulina (Lenzites).
  3. Trametes cinnabarina (Pycnoporus).
  4. Trametes conchifer (Poronidulus).
  5. Trametes gibbosa (Pseudotrametes).
  6. Trametes hirsuta (Coriolus).
  7. Trametes ochracea (Coriolus).
  8. Trametes pubescens (Coriolus).
  9. Trametes suaveolens (Trametes).
  10. Trametes versicolor (Coriolus).

There are 8 or 9 more species found in the southern or central USA.

Additional segregate genera include Artolenzites (T. elegans) and Coriolopsis (T. polyzona). Two of our species kicked out for not belonging to Trametes are Coriolopsis gallica and Trametes trogii. They are closely related to each other and are part of the lentinus clade. I venture to guess these will end up in Trametella, for which the type species is Trametes hispida, which is itself a synonym of Coriolopsis gallica.
Disposition of other Trametes treated in Gilbertson and Ryvarden (1987): Trametes cervina has been moved to Trametopsis; Trametes drummondii (Klotzsch) Ryvarden (an illegitimate name) is in Cerrena (according to Index Fungorum); and Trametes modesta may have an unknown status as I have not seen it in a DNA phylogeny. The name Trametes elegans has been widely applied in North America for several species, including T. gibbosa (a recent immigrant to America), and has been split back out into three species: T. aesculi (continental USA), T. elegans (Central and South America and the Caribbean), and T. repanda (primarily southeastern Asia and Oceania).
For an excellent presentation of the PolyPeet Trametes project see the link below.
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Description on MycoBank, older concept: Ryvarden and Gilbertson 1994
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