Family Stereaceae Pilát

This is the core group of stereoid fungi. There are 3 genera in the Chicago Region. They have a smooth hymenium on a pileate, effused-reflexed, or discoid fruitbody. They cause a white rot on dead wood and are often found in large numbers. Our Aleurodiscus grows on bark of living trees.

  1. Aleurodiscus
  2. Stereum
  3. Xylobolus

Taxon Details and Links

  • Stereaceae Pilát, Hedwigia 70: 34 (1930). Type: Stereum Hill ex Pers. 1794.
The stereoid fungi were previously placed in the family Thelephoraceae when it had a broad morphological concept. For a recent phylogeny see Wu et al. (2001).
Wu, S.-H., D. S. Hibbett, and M. Binder 2001. Phylogenetic Analyses of Aleurodiscus s.l. and Allied Genera. Mycologia 93(4): 720-731. DOI: 10.2307/3761826
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