Etheirodon fimbriatum

Etheirodon fimbriatum (Pers.) Banker

[Steccherinum fimbriatum, Hydnum fimbriatum]

fringed steccherinum.
Epithet = fimbriate (fringed). Genus = mane - tooth (Donk 1956).
Thin effused crust, with very small teeth 0.2–0.3 mm long. Loosely attached to wood or wood debris. Color typically pale pinkish tan, reddish-gray or violaceous when fresh; though color grayish or darker when dried, in herbarium. Margin of crust noticeably fimbriate (with radiating hyphae) and with cords. Hyphal system dimitic with clamped generative hyphae and simple septate skeletal hyphae. Skeletal hyphae projecting through the teeth as encrusted pseudocystidia (like rock candy sticks). Spores ellipsoid 3–4 × 2–2.5 µm, smooth, thin-walled, inamyloid.
Similar species
In the Midwest there are other toothed crusts but few have fimbriate (feathered) margins and cords. Phanerochaete chrysorhiza is bright yellow-orange. Kavinia himantia has larger teeth that become ochre (tan) to brown but this crust has white margins and white cords.
Saprobe, on hardwoods and conifers, causing a white rot.
Found June to October in Chicago Region.
Widely distributed across North America. Found throughout Europe, also in Israel, Russia, China, Japan, Polynesia. Occurs in South America.
Chicago Region status
Rare or overlooked. Recorded in four counties across the region. Found recently in Porter County, Indiana, and McHenry County, Illinois. Surprisingly not seen recently in the much-studied Cook County. There are nine historic records from 1900 to 1904 for Cook County, Illinois, and Lake County, Indiana.
Specimens examined
Twelve collections from four counties.

Taxon Details and Links

  • Etheirodon fimbriatum (Pers.) Banker, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 29 (7): 441 (1902)
  • ≡ Basionym: Odontia fimbriata Pers., Observationes mycologicae 1: 88 (1796)
  • Sistotrema fimbriatum (Pers.) Pers., Synopsis methodica fungorum: 553 (1801)
  • Hydnum fimbriatum (Pers.) Poir., Encyclopédie Méthodique, Botanique 8: 201 (1808)
  • Hydnum fimbriatum (Pers.) DC., Flore française 6: 6, 37 (1815)
  • ≡ Sanctioned: Hydnum fimbriatum (Pers. : Fr.) DC., Systema Mycologicum I: 421 (1821)
  • Steccherinum fimbriatum (Pers.) J. Erikss., Symbolae Botanicae Upsalienses 16 (1): 134 (1958)
  • Irpex fimbriatus (Pers.) Kotir. & Saaren., Polish Botanical Journal 47 (2): 105 (2002)
Neotype, by Maas Geesteranus, 1974, near Paris, France.
This species was also placed in the genera Mycoleptodon (1914), Xylodon (1818), and Gloiodon (1931). It was recently placed in a very broad concept for the genus Irpex (2002) but that is in a different family. Miettinen and others moved the species back to Etheirodon because it is outside the Steccherinum clade, yet within the family.
Champignons du Québec (French)
Roland Baranovič, images (Slovakia)
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