1961 to 1996

We are missing species lists for these NAMA forays: 1961 OH, 1967 MI, 1985 WV, 1993 WA, 1996 VT. If you are able to locate any of these lists please send them to us.

North American Mycological Association Forays 1961 to 1996
1961 - 1966: People to People Committee on Fungi (Predecessor to NAMA).
YearLocationState or ProvinceHost Club or Person
1961PortsmouthOhioC.W. Ellett
1962PellstonMichiganA.H. Smith, R.L. Shaffer
1963PellstonMichiganA.H. Smith, R.L. Shaffer
1964PellstonMichiganA.H. Smith, R.L. Shaffer
1965PellstonMichiganA.H. Smith, R.L. Shaffer
1966Pinkham NotchNew HampshireR.L. Shaffer, R. Pomerleau
1966Priest LakeIdahoSpokane Mushroom Club
1967PellstonMichiganA.H. Smith
1968Priest LakeIdahoSpokane Mushroom Club
1969Pinkham NotchNew HampshireH.E. Bigelow
1970Itasca State ParkMinnesotaN. French, E. Stewart
1971PellstonMichiganR.L. Shaffer
1972Priest LakeIdahoSpokane Mushroom Club
1973Flathead LakeMontanaNorth Idaho Mycological Association
1974TuxedoNorth CarolinaA. Stanley
1975HanoverNew HampshireNew Jersey
1976DonnellyIdahoSouthern Idaho Mycological Association
1977AthensWest VirginiaMycological Association of Washington
1978GualalaCaliforniaSan Francisco
1979CarroltonOhioOhio Mushroom Society
1980TuxedoNorth CarolinaA. Stanley
1981Fort WordenWashingtonPuget Sound Mycological Society
1982East StroudsburgPennsylvaniaNortheast Mycological Federation
1983GranbyColoradoColorado Mycological Society
1984DorsetOntarioMycological Society of Toronto
1985Canaan ValleyWest VirginiaMycological Association of Washington
1986Priest LakeIdahoSpokane Mushroom Club
1987GulfportMississippiGulf States Mycological Society
1988IsabellaMinnesotaMinnesota Mycological Society
1989CarbondaleIllinoisNAMA, W.J. Sundberg
1990WhistlerBritish ColumbiaVancouver Mycological Society
1991Paul SmithNew YorkMid York Mycological Society, NAMA
1992Angel FireNew MexicoNew Mexico Mycological Society
1993Fort WordenWashingtonPuget Sound Mycological Society
1994MontreatNorth CarolinaAsheville Mushroom Club
1995BemidjiMinnesotaMinnesota Mycological Society
1996AscutneyVermontNortheast Mycological Federation

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