Analysis of species lists

Past foray species lists provide an interesting resource to examine macrofungal diversity and distribution, however these data are not documented by voucher specimens. This prevents verification of identifications and accurate interpretation of species concepts that have undergone taxonomic changes.

Lists from most of the NAMA forays have been compiled into a database that includes synonyms and species maps showing foray records. Preliminary data on the analysis of species lists for 31 forays was presented at the International Botanic Congress, St. Louis, Missouri, 1-7 August, 1999. A PDF version of the poster (requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader).

This graph shows the Species Curve for the NAMA Forays with an accumulation of over 2800 fungal names. This species curve resembles a line because it has not yet begun to level off for 43 samples! There are an estimated 10,000 macrofungi for North America.

We are missing species lists for these NAMA forays: 1961 OH, 1967 MI, 1985 WV, 1993 WA, 1996 VT. If you are able to locate any of these lists please send them to us.