Selected Fungi

A selection of species and voucher specimens of particular interest are featured here.

Amanita novinupta Tulloss & J. Lindgr. 1994

Amanitaceae, Agaricales, Basidiomycota
Voucher specimen NAMA 1998-037
Fort Ord, California, USA
In oak, deciduous woods.
14 February 1998
Collected by Rhoda Roper

The voucher photograph shows the characteristic reddish staining. The New Bride Blusher is Amanita novinupta. This western species is a member of the Amanita rubescens group. The original type specimen is from Oregon, 1992. Drs. Tulloss and Yang are actively unravelling the systematics of this genus. Find out more by visiting their Amanitaceae website and their page on Amanita novinupta. This species occurs with oaks from the Pacific Northwest of the USA to southeastern Arizona.

Cercophora scortea (Cain) N. Lundq. 1972

Lasiospheriaceae, Sordariales, Ascomycota
Voucher specimen NAMA 1999-114
Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, Stoddard County, Missouri, USA
On dead branch in bottomland forest.
13 August 1999
Collected by Kitty Griffith

This voucher is located with S.M. Huhndorf's ascomycete collections at F. as S.M. Huhndorf 4131. The micrograph images by Andrew Miller show characteristic obpyriform (pear shaped) fruitbodies with setae (hairs). This species has gelatinous fruitbody walls.

Fig. Cercophora scortea 1. Fruitbodies (x25) with inset of single fruitbody (x50). 2. Mature brown-headed ascospores with inset of single ascospore showing dark brown head and pale brown tail.

In the "little black dots on wood" category is Cercophora scortea. This is one of a few reported collections of this species in the United States; the first one being found in Louisiana by Gary Samuels. It was originally described from Canada and is also known in Europe. This specimen was cultured and studied by Andrew Miller and Sabine Huhndorf of The Field Museum as part of their investigation on the systematics of the Lasiosphaeriaceae. While carefully examining the various chunks of wood and branches on the identification tables, Andy found the Cercophora on wood with the jelly fungus Calocera cornea (voucher 1999-109). There are three Canadian collections, two Illinois collections, and one Wisconsin collection on MyCoPortal (as of 2017)

Russula avellaneiceps Fatto 1999

Russulaceae, Russulales, Basidiomycota
Voucher specimen NAMA 1997-210
HOLOTYPE specimen, F
Prospector Campground, Summit, Colorado, USA
On soil under Lodgepole Pine.
15 August 1998
Collected by Debbie Johnson

The first NAMA foray that operated a voucher program resulted in a new species that was published: Ray M. Fatto, 1999, Three new species of Russula. Mycotaxon. 70:167-176. See record of this taxon on Index Fungorum or MycoBank. The New York Botanical Garden has the isotype and other collections.

Ray Fatto contributed a great deal to the understanding of the American russulas.