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Upcoming Events

See you at the field trips with the Illinois Mycological Association.

The Illinois Mycological Association hosts monthly progams on Zoom. For dates and topics please see the member newsletter, or visit the IMA on MeetUp.

The 2023 Annual Foray of the North American Mycological Association is scheduled to be in North Carolina, August 24 – 27.

Mushroom Videos

YouTube Video foray: The Mushroom Hunt! with Emily Graslie of Brain Scoop. Patrick and Emily go to a local forest preserve to find and talk about fungi.

Image of new Stereum web page.

Mushroom Description Pages

I am building pages for the many kinds of macro-fungi in the Chicago area. There are pages from Kingdom down to genus and species. For example: Cantharellus chicagoensis, Entonaema liquescens, Hydnoporia (Glue Crusts!), Hypocrea, Stereum, and Trametes. For all of the fungi pages see the Guide Site Map.

See general site history at Site Updates.

See detailed Guide history at Guide Updates.

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Media and other sites

View our Mycoflora of Chicago Region observations on iNaturalist.

Read the 2019 article by Nance Klehm in the Chicago Reader: Fungus among us – Cramp balls, puffballs, and more friends in the woods. Nance interviewed me, during a walk in the woods, about my work, mushrooms, and the IMA.

A 2019 NewCity article on mushrooms and forays around Chicago: Summer 2019: A Myco-Adventure

The April 2017 issue of Chicago Magazine has a feature article on Patrick: Do You Know the Mushroom Man? Also see side article: Where to Go Mushroom Hunting In and Around Chicago.

Presentations and forays in 2023 with Patrick

  • To be announced

See list of past presentations by Patrick

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